What Makes Infant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor A Good Choice?

What Makes Infant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor A Good Choice?

Finding the right baby monitor that can be used to keep an eye on the infants and be trusted and relied upon is very important. Infant Optics Dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor is undoubtedly the most recommended and top-selling baby monitor in the market. It is trusted by both new as well as experienced parents alike. Here are a few characteristics and features that have made this such a popular choice in the market:

Design And Build:

The baby monitor has a good design and build structure. The baby monitor comes with two components i.e., the camera and the handheld viewing screen. The camera comes with three different lenses which the parents can use to switch the view as required. The first lens is a standard lens, the second one is the high-resolution zoom in lens, and the third one is the wide angle lens. The parents can screw the desired lens with the camera and use it as desired.

Camera Rotation:

No matter which lens the parents use, the viewing angle can be easily adjusted through the handheld viewing screen. This makes it convenient for the parents to keep an eye on their children even if the baby moves around or changes his position. The brightness setting can also be adjusted to ensure the parents can see their baby.

Privacy Ensured:

The Infant Optics dxr 8 Video Baby Monitor ensures the privacy of your house and kid because the video is not passed over the internet in any form. The parents can record the video through the baby monitor to keep an eye on their kid’s actions and routine throughout the night, however, the video remains with the parents and is a hundred percent safe.

Sound Level Adjustments:

The parents can choose to adjust the sound level of the monitor as per their desire or requirements. This way, you can turn the sound down in case of a quiet environment and turn it up to the maximum level in case you are in a place that is too loud or noisy.

2400 MHz Frequency:

The baby monitor comes with a fantastic frequency range of 2400 MHz, which ensures that the parents can be connected with their infants up to a distance of nearly 700 feet. The string frequency can transmit the signals over long distances and overcome any risk of interruption or interference along the way.

Dedicated Screen:

Since the baby monitor comes with its dedicated screen, therefore the parents do not have to worry about connecting their phones with the monitor. The dedicated screen has a size of 3.5 inches, which is neither absurdly huge nor too small. Moreover, since the display is dedicated, therefore, there is no interference, and the device does not lag. The parents can see what is going on and how their baby is doing continuously. The playback is continuous and real-time so that one can rely on the baby monitor a hundred percent.

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