Spellbinding Cambria – Treasure by the Sea

Spellbinding Cambria – Treasure by the Sea


As I drive north along Highway 101, I moan cheerily. I am at last out of LA. The remainder of the drive is smooth, picturesque, and less distressing. I am headed to Cambria, found only south of San el paso restaurants Simeon State Park on California’s focal coast. In the wake of passing the notable Madonna Inn, I realize I am drawing near to the leave I have to take in San Luis Obispo to get PCH, the “Pacific Coast Highway.” As I drive along the coast, I think that its difficult to keep my eyes off the sparkle and sparkle of the sea under the evening sun. This is the reason I live in California.


Cambria is one of my preferred goals since it never shows signs of change. My preferred eatery, Robin’s, and a portion of my preferred shops, have been there for whatever length of time that I can recollect. What’s more, consistently, there is a lot of California wine to go around. Why? Since Cambria is nearby to wine nation, and, the best part is that there is certainly not a solitary drive-through eatery in the entirety of Cambria. No burgers and fries for me on this outing!


This well disposed, curious, beautiful, little town never stops to dazzle me. Continuously, when I pass by the little town of Harmony on Highway 1, I realize that I am at last toward the finish of my six-hour venture. As I head up the slope, directly before the Cambria side road, the huge pines on the meadows come into see, just as the brilliantly painted homes that speck the slopes. Whirls of white smoke escape from the smokestacks, and the smell of the air is, well, inebriating. Cambria is a “rub and a jacuzzi” all wrapped up into one little unwinding bundle. On the off chance that you need to stroll along the sea shore, with scarcely anybody around, or eat flavorful nourishment in comfortable, cozy caf├ęs, at that point Cambria is the spot to go.


Since Cambria’s commencement, this little town has been called Santa Rosa, Roseville, San Simeon, and “Slabtown.” The town got known as Cambria on January 10, 1870. Today, there are as yet unique structures from the good ‘ol days, some of which even endure the Great Fire of 1889. It was after the presentation of the vehicle in the 1920’s that a significantly better street was worked in Cambria which thusly realized land designers. At the point when Hearst Castle, in close by San Simeon, turned into a state park in 1958, the vacationers advanced toward this little “Fortune by the Sea” and they haven’t halted since. The best part about visiting Cambria is its simple openness. It just takes about an a large portion of a day or so to arrive from most places in the state.


I am not new to Cambria. I have visited many occasions over the previous decade or something like that, however I generally wind up remaining at a similar lodging. This time, I needed something other than what’s expected. I chose to remain at two spots which were very not the same as each other. The first was the Just Inn at Justin Vineyards and Winery situated in Paso Robles. In spite of the fact that not entirely Cambria, I consider the wineries in and around Paso Robles, Cambria region. The second spot I remained at was a charming and comfortable bed and breakfast place called J. Patrick House, found extremely near midtown Cambria. Both were one of a kind in what they brought to the table and both end up being fantastic decisions.

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