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Dean Cercone stocks the cortical correlates of his innovative procedure as a part of a neuroscience-inspired exhibition.Artists generally tend to resist the concept that creativity has a cause—that the muse to provide authentic work may be isolated or decreased to a few standard physiological manner, like a hazard firing of neurons.

Decades of Painting Company research guide their resistance of that belief, having raised greater questions than solutions approximately what spurs the creative manner.

But curious researchers have come up with innovative ways to investigate art and the brain. And such curiosity meets creativity in a lively and arresting manner in “illuminated dissolved humanity cortex manifestations,” a collaborative exhibition-experiment co-led with the aid of Tricia MacKenzie, being held at the Inter Space gallery she runs in New York City.

As part of the exhibition, painter Dean Cercone dons an EEG headset that facts his neural hobby at the same time as he goes approximately his paintings.

Cercone’s artwork are chaotic yet contained, combining ambitious acrylic traces with splashes of spray paint, conveying dreamlike expressions of the subconscious and the archetypal. Some, like “Ode to its Cortex and its Illuminated Manifestations,” are overt nods to MacKenzie’s experiment, depicting a human head complete of colorful summary shapes suggesting movement.

Other art work on display are thematically divorced from the neuroscientific component of the collaborative display, despite the fact that this does not detract from the coherence of the exhibition as an entire.While interesting, MacKenzie cautioned against extrapolating the consequences of her EEG test on Cercone, given the pattern length of 1.

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