How to Make a Discord Bot in Python – Real Python

Word that even as the term utilized in Discord’s user interface is Server, the time period used within the developer documentation and API is Guild. once we flow on to talking approximately technical topics, we can transfer to speak me about Guilds. the two phrases are interchangeable.

Channel listing

Simply to the proper of the server list is the listing of Discord bot for the server i am presently viewing (in this example, the Discord API server). Channels may be broken up into an arbitrary wide variety of classes. within the Discord API server, the categories encompass data, wellknown, and LIBS, as proven.

Each channel capabilities as a talk room in which users can speak some thing subject matter the channel is devoted to. The channel we are presently viewing (information) has a lighter heritage. Channels which have new messages considering that we last regarded them have a white text shade.

Channel View

That is the channel view where we can see what customers had been speaking about within the channel we are currently viewing. we will see one message here, handiest partly seen. It’s a listing of hyperlinks to assist servers for individual Discord bot libraries.

The server directors have configured this channel so that regular customers like myself can’t send messages in it. The directors use this channel as a bulletin board to publish a few critical information in which it can effortlessly be visible and won’t be drowned out by chat.

Person list

all the way on the right is a list of the customers presently on line on this server. The users are organized into one-of-a-kind classes and their names have different shades. this is a end result of the jobs that they’ve.

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