Download the Lulubox Application APK

Download the Lulubox Application APK

Download the Lulubox Application – Talking about gaming has become an interesting topic for discussion this century. If in the past gaming was very closely related to consoles and PCs now for those of you who prefer to play games on mobile phones can feel a sensation that is no less exciting than on a PC or Gaming Console you know.

Currently there are several games that are more popular among mobile gamers. For example, Mobile Legends and PUBG. We can see from the number of YouTubers who play both games above.

Once the YouTuber live streaming, which can watch up to thousands. That indicates that outside there are a lot of mobile gamers.

Now along with that now also present an application that helps us to manage some of the games installed on our cellphones. The application is a lulubox application. What is a permanent lulubox application?

Lulubox Apk is an application that helps us manage our games and at the same time can make us feel the skin for premium skin sensation for free from the game.

Okay we discuss further. For example, the game Mobile Legends and Free Fire Mod . This game releases a new skin almost every month for heroes. Now maybe some of us do not have enough diamonds to buy it.

Now with this permanent lulubox application we can use all the Legends mobile game skins without having to buy it. But this skin can only be chosen by you. For enemies and friends you can still be seen without skin.

Okay, just download it below.

How to Download the Lulubox Mod APK Application

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How to use Lulubox for PUBG Mobile

At present lulubox is version 1.4.12 but since version 1.4.7 lulubox has been supported for the pubg mobile skin map. Remember here is not the weapon skin, but just pray for the color of the map, we can skin the weapons and armor.

Here is how.

1. Open the latest Lulubox using VPN, make sure you download via the link above. Then open the lububox and then click Interface Customization.
2. The next step will appear to activate Lulubox access. Just follow the guidelines of the lulubox.
3. After that, click choose theme to choose the color of the theme you want.
4. If you have, then Lulubox for PubG Mobile is ready to play.

Improvement : We changed the link from Google Drive to our own server due to the number of downloads to the limit. We apologize for the inconvenience.

LuluBox feature

  • Manage Games, Collect Games in 1 Launcher.
  • Infinitive Skin Plugin.
  • Better playing experience.
  • Better application design.
  • Stabilize the game and network.

Feature Update :

  • Free Skins For Mobile Legend !!!!
  • Free skins from the new game “Free Fire” are now also available.
  • A much better gaming experience. Now we can speed up your smartphone and turn off all annoying notifications, while you are playing games.
  • We hope you like our icons and new look.
  • How to use the Lulubox application for Mobile Legends
    How to use this application is very easy. You simply run this application then slide the infinitive skin menu. If so, please press Play.
  • First make sure you have downloaded the lulubox application from the link above.
  • Then also download VPN from Hola VPN Pro for Free
  • Next install both, the Lulubox and Hola VPN applications. Select a Singapore server, this is intended so that the ping is stable because Singapore is not too far from Indonesia.
  • If you already have a singapur server then click Connect.
  • Then open the lulubox application and run the mobile legend and select the Infinitive Skin Mode menu.
  • Done, please check in the shop whether the skin is all unlocks.

How To Overcome Lulubox Stop / Stuck Cannot Be Opened

  •  We recommend deleting the junk or cache file first before running the Lulubox APK and Hola VPN applications before opening it.
  • After lulubox runs and goes to ML. Please try to turn off Hola VPN or disconnect the VPN.
  • How to use Lulubox for Skin Free Fire
    Make sure you have downloaded Lulubox from the link we have given above. Because other than the latest. Lulubox above also uses an easy link to download directly to the file.
  • To be able to work properly, you need a shadow connection that is with vpn. Because if not the lulubox and free fire application will not want to run. You are free to use any VPN. But you can use Hola VPN from the link above.
  • After that, please activate Hola VPN first. If there is already a connected sign then it is ready for the next step.
  • Then next open the lulubox application with the connected VPN condition. After that select free fire and slide the infinitive skin button.
  • Then run the free fire game application.
  • After entering the free fire, it is marked by the appearance of the garena image, since then you can close or turn off the active VPN.
  • Next you can go to the shop menu and then fashion in free fire you can see there all the skin status has been purchased and please try directly.
  • For the subway surfer game, the steps are the same, if you understand the work flow above. Then you can also apply it in the surfer subway game.

Maybe in the future a replacement application will appear similar to lulubox. So don’t miss to monitor the latest pro application on our site.

Not only mobile Legends. But this application can unlock the skin for the subway surf game, and Hole.

In addition this application also helps you to maximize your cellphone to run games faster.

Moreover, Free Fire and ML games are online games, this application also stabilizes our connection so that it doesn’t easily shake the ping.

Download lulubox is an alternative for those of you who want to feel the sensation of displaying all skins in ML and Free Fire.

Where you usually have to pay some money in exchange for money. But it will cost a lot because almost every month new skins come out.

You can try it before you actually buy a new skin.

Mobile Legend and Free Fire are applications that are currently popular. Users reach millions of people where having the latest skin is the desire of all players.

So you can use this lulubox APK to trial the term, because this skin can’t be seen by others so you have to buy it.

The lulubox application is also often called a plugin. Which means that the plugin is a tool that will help run a function in a program that was not in the program.

Well here what is meant by the program are 3 games supported by lulubox.

Because these 3 games have a way of working where the offline skin is not synchronized to the server so you can play with any skin display you want.

Because by default all skins are already on your cellphone. But it will only be used when you have already made a purchase. With the help of this lulubox plugin you can take advantage of this bug.

So that’s what our article about lulubox is, how to use lulubox, and also the lulubox download link through Google Drive that we have provided free for you.

Thank you for visiting here. Hopefully the link above can be useful for you.

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