Dentist with accusations. He swindled money

Dentist with accusations. He swindled money

The second premolar – usually has one root, sporadically two, and usually one channel ended with one opening. Less often than the first premolew can have two channels ended with two holes. As with the first molar, here only sporadically appear teeth with three canals.

The first part of the stem – definitely has only one root. The two roots can be supplied only by less than 2% of cases. Most often, this type of teeth has three dental canals. Somewhat less frequent are copies with four channels and the least often the first two-channel molar.

The second root – in contrast to all previous types of teeth most often occurs in a two-bark variant. The most rare (just one copy out of 100) are teeth of this type in the three-point variant.

Ceramics have been known to people for over ten thousand years. In the seventh century AD, the Chinese invented porcelain – beautiful, high-quality white ceramics. It took over 1100 years for this material to be adapted to the needs of dentistry. Currently, dental porcelain is the most important material for aesthetic dental supplements, the advantages of which can be used in every patient who needs prosthesis.

Teeth made of porcelain

The beginnings of using ceramics in dentistry did not bode the future for this material. Established at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, the first prosthetic crowns made of ceramics were characterized by low mechanical strength. It was not until the 1950s that they brought a change, as the technique of firing ceramics on metal foundations was developed. Thanks to this, dental porcelain has found its place in can check here infomation about implanty Gliwice.

At the end of the twentieth century, the first all-ceramic additions appeared, but because they still did not have enough mechanical strength, the dental ceramics were initially used only for small prosthetic works – single crowns or small bridges. They were placed in the front section of the dental arch – due to the very high aesthetics of these works.

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