British Columbia generates 73 invites through its Tech Pilot program.

British Columbia issued 73 invites for its Tech Pilot program. These candidates were chosen out of the pool from those who are a part of the Express Entry: International Graduate and Skilled Worker categories and Skills Immigration: International Graduate and Skilled Worker categories.

Started in 2017, this program selected candidates who had good scores of 90. All the candidates who are eligible for this program have been given a job offer from an employer for 1 year in 29 eligible occupations. These candidates are selected because there has been a dearth of technical workers as identified in this sector by the 2016 TechTalentBC Report. Someone who has been selected in this tech draw will get 600 more points as per the Canada express entry system.

This time, there was a score of 90 of each of the streams of the candidates selected. This is how this category has worked this time. The candidates are lucky to get selected for invitation for this stream.

Benefits of living in British Columbia

In British Columbia, immigrants occupy Vancouver majorly. British Columbia has the perfect skiing opportunities due to the presence of Whistler Mountains here. Apart from skiing in winter, you can also have a perfect time by opting for spending time in summers on the lakes here.

Whistler has many lakes like the Alpha Lake, which has sandy beaches. You can have barbecues here in the time of summer or rent the paddleboards to surf on the lake. You can also rent a bike to traverse all the lakes of the Whistler Valley.

Go to the Lost lake and stretch out down on the picnic blanket. The picnic tables have already been arranged here. You can board a shuttle from the Whistler Village to the lake. There is a shuttle that goes to the Lost Lake once every 15 minutes from the Whistler Village.

Alta Lake is an excellent place for someone to be. Alta Lake is situated to the northern end of Whistling Pine Ranch. This ranch has a lot of places where you can easily party and enjoy it. It has 10 sites for tenting and 10 sites for parking your RV. So, you can easily stay here with ease.

Once you need to live in a tent on a site, the charges are 35 dollars per site for every night. However, only 4 people can inhabit a tent at a time. The tents here have all the facilities which include firepit, table and wooden bunks.

Green lake is located in the northern area of Whistler. The green river is fed by it. The Sea to Sky Highway surrounds the lake. You can also catch a glimpse of the stunning forests which are situated in the mountains.

Garibaldi Lake is a beautiful destination of British  Columbia. You can reach this place through a hiking trail that is situated amid the Douglas Fir trees.  After walking this much and then turning right, you can reach this lake.
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